A treasure hunt in a second-hand shop

On the ground floor of an old building in the Saint-Pierre district of Bordeaux, there is a second-hand shop called "Au Dénicheur". I like the diversity of the old objects that are offered. That's why I visited the place, looking for a useful item.

From Bordeaux to Lacanau by bike

A bike path links Bordeaux to Lacanau, crossing the pine forest to reach the ocean. Riding this route is a great way to go to the Lacanau lake as it allowed me to do sport while being surrounded by the nature.

Potsdam, the beautiful Prussian city

During my tour along the former Berlin Wall, I did a 2-days-long detour to Potsdam. Its Prussian palaces and its charming nature make it one of my favorite cities in Germany. Discover the places that you shouldn't miss in Potsdam.